Mary Poppins Visits the Urgent Care

*This is a little throwback post from 2010…


5 visits to the Urgent Care in the past year have me thinking…they really should come up with a better name for that place. I have a few suggestions…Doc’s-not-in-a-hurry-care. Waiting-room-care. Let’s-keep-that-mom-in-panic-mode-care. Or my personal favorite…entertain-your-2 year-old-in-an-exam-room-for-3-hours-care.

That last one’s coming from personal experience, don’t you know.  Ellie and I spent Friday night in exam room #5. Just us and the contents of my ill-prepared purse. I know, I know…what in heaven’s name is a mom of 5 doing out in public minus her magic bag?! No one wonders that as much as i did on Friday night.

First we counted cars in the parking lot. She doesn’t care so much about cars, I found out.

Cry. Whine. All Ellie.

We admired the farmyard mural on the north wall of the room. Nice. Cute. There are 4 baby chicks. There is a rooster, but no hen. Hmmmm.

We sang songs. We made up songs. Songs about turtles and hairbrushes and cupcakes.

Ellie wanted a cupcake.

Cry. Whine. A little bit me, but mostly Ellie.

An inspection of my purse did not produce a cupcake…however, we did take up a fair amount of time putting on chapstick. Berry flavored glitter doesn’t taste so hot the 11th and 12th time around, just so you know.

About this time I was wishing for a spoonful of sugar and a talking umbrella…but alas, we had to settle with sunglasses and a piece of gum.

Cry. Whine. A little bit Ellie, but mostly me.

Let’s look at all the old appointment cards, business cards, and punch cards in mom’s wallet! She found my driver’s license…”oh my gosh, it’s you!” she says…cute.

Ellie does “homework”–scribbles on the back of a grocery list–and I decide it’s time to de-stress with Sudoku on my phone.

Sudoku is boring, as it turns out, so I text. remember that I love texting?

Cry. Whine.  We’re even now.

Ellie could have really gone for a singing mirror, pretty sure that could have lasted for hours.

The doctor finally came back in. She talked to us for 1.2 seconds…no break, Ellie’s arm was fine.

“I’ll fill out your discharge papers and we’ll get ya right outta here! That wasn’t so bad, huh?”

If I could have pulled a big coat rack out of my purse…I’d have hung her up on it.

Ellie did love her little hospital bracelet, though.