About Us


It is one of the most beautiful and intriguing words to us, The Moms. We put our heads together and when the word “becoming” got tossed into the hat, we were all filled with fire. It excites us and drives our vision. It allows room for growth while being happy with where and who we are. There is forgiveness within it, but it demands us wholly.

This community of women is birthed from our hearts. Take the journey with us. Become the best you, by believing that your moments will bring you the joy you deserve. Read, reflect, become.

~ a journey in moments ~

The journey, truly is in the moment. I’ve spent years throwing days away because it wasn’t the kind of day, I expected to have. A whole day gone, obliterated by one pebble on the trail. I was hungry for the beauty, simplicity and ease that seemed to roll off of the moms around me. I would look upon them and think, “Why can’t it be like that for me?". As I’ve aged in the arena of motherhood, I have realized finding that kind of peace, in this line of work, does not exist without constant self-awareness, reflection and an iron will…and that’s on a really good day. A day like that is rare, indeed.

When everything is falling apart, crumbling beneath and bringing you to the edge, grabbing and holding on to just one moment, will be your life line. It will save your sanity and your self confidence. It will build trust within and fill you with the beating of your chest kind of triumph at the end of your day. It’s not a new or original concept. We’ve all heard the notion of finding joy in the journey and taking one step at a time…but really, how do you do that, exactly? We hear praises of motherhood and the beauty within, so when it doesn't look like what we've decided it should look like, it can get heavy and lonely and  downright miserable.

It wasn’t until I heard the words “grabbing a moment” put together that I understood my direction. Those words fell on my ears 10 years and 5 kids into this adventure. It took my breath away, but then I understood better, how to find that joy. It’s not in comparison or perfection. It’s in one small, sometimes seemingly insignificant, moment.

You know that moment, right? That moment in your day when you looked down at your infant child and they looked at you with such intensity you knew they were seeing your soul.
That moment when your toddler made the biggest mess in less than 2.5 seconds as you *gasp* turned your back, and instead of cry and scream, you laughed and taught him how to “clean up”. That moment when your sweet daughter told you that she wanted to be just like you when she grew up, even when minutes before you acted like a lunatic. That moment when your teenaged son actually listened to your heart felt plea for him to believe in himself and then he committed to making better choices, because you took his hand and spoke to him with respect and love, instead of punching him in the face. That moment when you helped your friend find her smile again by simply throwing your kids in the car, driving to her house to hand deliver a much needed diet coke and a squeeze, because you know exactly how amazing she is. That moment when you muster all of your energy together, took your children outside to play, sat on the steps, closed your eyes felt the sun on your face and for a second your heart was ever grateful. Those are, the moments! That is the joy. Just grab one and hold on to it. It is your day. It is the journey.